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Jeep Tours in Israel, a splendid combination of adventure and in-depth exploration of Israel’s countryside. Go off the beaten track by Jeep, either self 4×4 driving or with professional drivers. 4×4 tours in Israel will take you to roaming the Golan, Galilee, the Negev desert, Jerusalem Hills, the Judea Desert or the awe inspiring Eilat Mountains by the Red Sea.

Negev Desert Delight 

A 2 days trip through the south of Israel, Negev Desert, by jeep (4×4) – an incredible journey of exploration & a very unique adventure. Departs from Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

North Judea Desert Jeep Tour – from Jerusalem

This 4 hour jeep tour is like stepping back in time. Tour includes: visit of an authentic Bedouin camp, Jabel Muntar traditionally recognized as “Azazel”, fortress of Hyrcania, Spring of Ein Kelt & Wadi Kidron. Departure from Jerusalem.

Galilee and Golan

2 Hours – starts: Mahanaim junction ends at Kibbutz Gonen – Wadi Mahanaim, lookout to the Hula valley and Golan heights, crossing the Jordan river and climbing the slopes of the Golan heights to visit some of the beautiful springs, enjoying the wildlife of the region, sipping some herbal tea from the local herbs.

4 Hours – starts: Horshat Tal ends at Moshav Odem – Kibbutz Dafna, the Dan stream – one of the main sources of the Jordan river, lookout over the Israel-Lebanon border, pick your fruits directly from the groves with a local framer, Sa’ar stream, climbing up to the Golan heights visiting the spring of Ein Fit, lookout on the Syrian border, visit the Druze villages.

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