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Kimmel – Hashahar 6 St, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Phone: 03-5105204                 $$

In a 129 year old restored building, which once belonged to a Turkish Sheik, is Kimmel, hinting at a the rustic. The front of the restaurant features an authentic country style design, with an abundance of natural trees, unique serving dishes and tableware giving the restaurant a lovely, relaxing and rustic feel. The dcor is fitting with the rustic
delicacies served: cheeses, meat and fish in rich sauces, herbs, cream and olive oil, served to diners by a staff of skilled and polite waiters.

Manta Ray – Almah Beach, near Dan Panorama Hotel, Jaffa

Phone:  03-517-4774              $$$

The quintessential beach restaurant, Manta Ray is an open-air pavilion that looks out on the rolling surf of an empty stretch of Tel Aviv’s coast, and is perfectly positioned to catch the sun setting over the Mediterranean. The food is simply prepared, but full of flavor and ingenuity. Manta Ray is famous for its plate of 12 ever-changing small appetizers; it’s always an interesting combination of traditional Middle Eastern, contemporary, or exotic dishes and comes with wonderful bread. The platter can easily be shared, and allows you to sample the kitchen while enjoying the view (discuss the selections with your waiter). Main courses come with green salad and a pile of delicious grilled sweet potatoes.

Hotel Montifiore Restaurant – 36 Montifiore , Tel Aviv

Phone 03-564-6200                 $$$$

Featuring bistro cuisine blended with Vietnamese tastes, Hotel Montefiore restaurant is the new creation of the two most experienced restaurateurs in Tel Aviv.  The new, elegant restaurant opened by the owners of the Brasserie serves a mix of dishes ranging from pork cutlet to a Tom Yum seafood hot pot. The decor is unpresuming and features black, beige and white colors alongside lush Persian rugs. On the menu you might find a selection of mostly overpriced portions, such as anchovy salad served on roasted peppers, duck liver ravioli served in a broth, crispy chicken and pork cutlet stuffed with bacon and manchego cheese.

Abraxas North –  40 Lilenblum St. Tel Aviv

Phone: 054-678-6560        $$$

Abraxas North is one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, if not the best of them. It’s not pretentious at all, as some will criticize, referring to the eccentric character of the Chef, Eyal Shani. The food is ridiculously good. It’s not a budget dinner, so crack your piggy bank for it. We think that in this case we should just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Coffee Bar (Bistor)  – 13 Yad Harutzim St. Tel Aviv

Phone – 03-688-9696        $$

Don’t be deceived by the name; the Coffee Bar is neither a cafe or a bar, it’s actually a very decent Bistro that leaves a good impression on almost everyone who visits. The Coffee Bar is located in one of Tel Aviv’s more happening industrial neighborhoods, kind of south-central, where a number of restaurants and bars have sprung up over the last few years.

Catit – 4 Hechal Ha Talmud St, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Phone: 03-510-7001               $$$

No menu in the country is as rich, complex, and expertly prepared as Meir Adoni’s at Catit, combining Adoni’s special gifts as a chef with traditions from around the Mediterranean. Think grilled calamari, filled with lamb meat and mozzarella, in grilled eggplant, goat yogurt, techina, roasted bean, and olive oil; sea fish seviche with red beet carpaccio and sheep yogurt ravioli in basil and green oil; foie gras on grilled semolina with vanilla pastry and caramelized bananas in a sauce of veal stock and coffee; grilled eel wrapped in watermelon jelly; and grilled snapper with garlic pure, calamari, roasted almonds, and eggplant creme.  Desserts, led by a version of kadaif is dynamite.

Benny HaDayag (Benny the Fisherman) – Old Port of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv  

Phone 03-544-0933   $$

The name of the Restaurant means Benny – the fisherman and  is a paradise for fish lovers. The restaurant is located in the Port of Tel Aviv at the waterfront offering a fantastic selection of fish and seafood, including the local speciality: St. Peter’s fish. By ordering a main dish guests receive a huge selection of complimentary Israeli Salads. The food is fresh, and very tasty. The atmosphere is lovely and you can sit by to the water, while enjoying your meal with a glass of wine.

Makom Shel Basar – 64 Shabazi Street, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Phone: 057-9444-023             $$$

The Place for Meat (Makom Shel Basar) is located on Shabazi Street, at the eastern entrance to the pretty neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. Set in a charming old-world building faced with Jerusalem stone, this was one of the first houses built there. The restaurant’s name reveals everything & it’s the place for discerning carnivores.

Nanuchka – 30 Lilenblum St., Tel Aviv

Phone:  03-516-2254              $$

Nanuchka is a Georgian restaurant-bar offering Georgian cuisine, music and ambience, it may sound a little odd but it is very popular and always entertaining.  It is definitely one of the most well-liked places in Tel Aviv, its red walls covered with the owner’s (Nana) favorite verses of poetry, wine coloured satin drapes and a constantly cheerful vibe.

Etzel Pini BaChatzer (at Piniâ’s yard) – 6 Nachum Goldman St, Tel Aviv, Phone:  03-682-2111           $$

Etzel Pini BaChatzer offers typical Mediterranean dining by the sea in Jaffa. Eat inside, close to the brick oven, or on the spacious terrace with views overlooking the sea.

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